The company was founded by a group of profesionals with the goal of changing B2B purchasing forever. To make it simple, transparent, open, flexible and efficient, while offering competitive prices and excellent customer service. Previously the usual model for acquiring IT products meant asking multiple quotes from re-sellers or announcing a tender with a process that took months to pursue. Purchase what you need - when you need it, with a market price, direct from distributors – and do it online.

Why choose Tektron?

At Tektron, it is our mission to provide you with all your tech hardware needs.

Whatever your technology needs are, we can supply you with the best quality products at competitive prices, with same day shipping options and fast delivery times that you can rely on.

We are distributor or official partner of several trusted and well known brands likes of Plantronics, Polycom, Patriot, Fanvil, Snom, Jabra, Logitech, Yealink, Yeastar, Zycoo, Panasonic and many other.

We have a wealth of experience on both sides of the supply chain, as customers and as distributors. So we know what you want, we know what works, and most importantly, what doesn’t. Ordering your technological supplies from us ensures you receive a high quality end to end business service. We are passionate and knowledgeable about the products we supply and when you partner with us you can be sure of a service that you can trust.

Our team delivers knowledgeable and passionate service combined with the best pricing and same day shipping for all your technological needs. We have a culture of developing successful, long-term reseller partnerships across the region. We operate in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia serving our partners by picking the right brands and products suitable for their market.

We offer complete support from ordering inventory specifically for the Customer, identifying the right business opportunities, offering suitable credit terms in line with the products and business volumes, providing marketing support from our vendors and clearing all import and customs procedures so the Customer can focus on their business.

Our distribution process is carried out end-to-end, from import to delivery, with the help of highly skilled and trained staff.

Our major clients are mostly business users: SM Businesses, National Retailers, Online Shops, Contact Centers, Computer Shops and Integrators. We sell direct or through reseller channels.


Connect Customers and Suppliers of Technology Products in one single online destination.


To create business opportunities for our Vendors and offer the most competitive prices to our Customers, by supplying them with fast  service, quality and guaranteed products, through the most dynamic and functional online platform in the wholesale market.


Our values are the principles that guide us since TEKTRON was created and every day we use these values to better serve our customers. These values reinforce our view of the world as we shape the future. They affect the way we treat each other. They values are:

  • Customer.png

    Customer First

    We help our customers buy by responding to customer needs in a timely manner and providing quality service.

  • People.png

    We care about our people

    We believe that people are real wealth, so we empower and create a challenging environment for all to bring out the best in their abilities.

  • Quality.png

    Only quality products

    We strive to provide high quality and guaranteed products that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers.

  • Inovation.png

    Improve by Innovating

    We are a company with ideas and innovation, committed to developing and improving the service provided on our online platform.



Did you know that we ship to over 24 different countries

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Did you know that we ship to over 24 different countries

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Did you know that we ship to over 24 different countries

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